Liz Green-TaylorBody Symphony

Experience the harmony of vibrant good health

Why “Body Symphony”? Body Symphony is a metaphor for all the things that make up health – the food we eat, the way we move, our creativity, our sense of wonder, our spirituality, our relationships. Like the individual instruments in an orchestra, all the aspects of our lives can work together to create a beautiful harmony. But if one part – one instrument – is out of tune, the harmony doesn’t work.

My passion is to help others create the harmony of their best possible health. I do that through health coaching, massage therapy, continuing education on using essential oils for self-care, and fitness nutrition consulting. To keep myself on track, I’ve added in my own creativity in the form of wearable art – knitting, crocheting, sewing, beading (I’ll put beads on anything that holds still long enough!).

My massage practice is located in Tumwater, Washington – near the state capital of Olympia. But I can provide health coaching, nutrition services, and essential oils training anywhere by telephone or Skype.

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Body Symphony® is a registered trademark of Body Symphony, Inc.


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